04 April 2005

Part I of Fiction Story

"Let Me Go..." Chapter 1: Introduction: Perhaps the most despised and dreadful sound known to man lies right next to our heads only to sound at the most inoprotune times...yes, I am speaking of the ever-impending droan of my lovely alarm clock... Ah...how nice life is in the subconscious environment of my inner thoughts...if only I could stay there a little longer...at least until 9:00 AM? Of course not. My High School years would very possibly pass me by if that were the case...oh the sorrow. Blech. Yes, I know...how sarcastic and self-pitying can a fifteen year old girl be when she has her entire life ahead of her? After all, High School is suppose to be the best time of an adolescent's life, a time when one finds themselves and discovers their inner abilities among their oh-so relatable peers...but then again, this is East Campus in the new millenium, home of the conformists. Somehow my body is unable to shift from my sleep (ahh SLEEP...) world into the awakened world (most of us know it as reality) in a managable amount of time. I am always walking in slow motion until the last minute when I have to grab my lunch and bolt for the door...and of course have mommy drop me off at the front gates of hell(ahh the glamour of being a sophomore without a license...) I enter the building, and as I crawl into my first hour class with that aching feeling of a long day ahead, I run into a familiar face I can actually manage to mutter words to. It's Mackenzie, my friend of a few years, whom is my polar opposite in every possible way except four our well-shared sarcasm and off-the-wall humor. I trade a few meaningless sentences with her, leaving with a good laugh that will make the first half of my day perhaps a bit more bearable.


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Monday, 04 April, 2005  
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